Where can i buy a good cheap piano?

Where to buy piano
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William Asked: Where can i buy a good cheap piano?

im Advanced in piano and i have an upright piano, i need to buy a grand eventually if i am planning to become bettter at piano but i dont know where i am going to buy one, my family dosnt have much money , almost none. I need to get a good piano NOW. where is a good place to start looking for a good quality one that is not 20,000 $ ? i live in north york, toronto, ontario any ideas?

Best answer about Where can i buy a good cheap piano?:

Answer by joshuacharlesmorris
Good and cheap usually are not paired together.

The best place to start looking is a piano rebuilding shop. If you exclude a piano dealer, you can save about 20% by avoiding the commission.

I’m not from that area and don’t know the shops up there. Ask your who he knows and trusts to do shop work and see if he has any pianos he’s working on that don’t yet have a buyer.

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