Where to buy a piano?

Where to buy piano
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Asked: Where to buy a piano?

I have been learning to play on an electric keyboard but it doesn’t sound as beautiful or even feel half as good. I need the weighted key feel and the proper sound.
It also needs to be a digital/portable piano as I do not have sufficient space in my home for an upright one, let alone a grand piano.
Where can I find cheap portable/digital pianos? Thanks in advance guys!

Best answer about Where to buy a piano?:

Answer by Chaz
Ebay..That’s where I got mine. Find a make and model you’re interested in, try it out in a store if possible, then buy it on line at a fraction of the price. Research research research, that’s what you gotta do. There are 100s of forums discussing electric pianos. Reviews all over the web, demo videos on youtube. etc etc.

I own a Roland RD 700 sx, I bought mine on ebay for 700 quid and it is fantastic. One of the best electric pianos currently out there. Highly recommend it.

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